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Firm Overview

If you have been drawn here, you are probably in the throes of one of the most important decisions you may make - who do I choose to help me through a tragedy? As you explore this decision, and our particular suitability to be of service to you and your family, it appears essential that you first spend time quietly assessing your plight, including your needs, desires, fears, and apprehensions. Write them down, and think of the qualities you will require of your personal legal counsel. To perhaps help you with this very important exercise, we suggest you consider the following:

  • What will be the results of a loved one’s death, crippling injuries or life of pain?

  • How will you respond to the physical, emotional, and financial injuries/effects of this tragedy?

The effects are unique to each of us, but too often threaten permanent impairments to the pursuits of normal life, as well as financial ruin. If your goal is to face the tragedy and find the strength to overcome it, great care should be given to choose not only highly competent legal representation, but also to ensure that your attorney and "counselor-at-law" will be sensitive, insightful, and passionately responsive to your individual needs. Challenge yourself to know answers to the following questions as you select your lawyer:

  • Does the lawyer have the experience, resolve, and results which make me feel secure?

  • Does the attorney take time to speak with me and my family about our unique and varied needs, and address each of those needs with the kind of sensitivity that makes me feel he understands me?

  • Does the lawyer truly appreciate my plight, my fears, anxiety, and the effects of hardship on me and my family born of the insecurity and chaos facing my life now, and in the future?

  • Has the lawyer provided me with a detailed explanation of what I can expect through the investigation and claims process, and through litigation and trial because he “knows the ropes” of legal process? Does the explanation make sense?

  • If necessary, how will I be able to convey to a jury of men and women who do not know me and my family an empathetic understanding of my experiences? Will the attorney spend the time with me and my family to know us, prepare us, and ask the right questions?

  • Does the attorney have the financial resources to handle expensive litigation, or will the lawyer “cut corners?”

As you explore these questions, we expect many other related questions will come to mind. We therefore respectfully suggest that you carefully reflect on what you are looking for in an attorney. After such reflection, if you are seeking lawyers who will tailor their skills, experience, and extensive appreciation of the effects of tragedy to your unique needs, please contact us today for a free consultation.