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New Detection for Early Signs of Heart Disease Saves Two Brothers

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — The new Coronary Calcium CT Scan detects early signs of heart disease.

Seventy-one-year-old Mike Crumly and 63-year-old Marty Crumly, are the oldest and youngest brothers of four siblings. Both men decided to get the new Coronary Calcium CT Scan, which detects early signs of a heart attack and helps prevent long-term heart issues.

They were surprised when they learned that their results were almost identical. As a result, they both underwent open heart surgery in the same week.

“A $49 heart scan that I can say today, and I’ll say it every day, that it probably saved our lives,” said Mike and Marty.

This new scan shows if a patient has calcium in their coronary arteries and whether there is a plaque buildup. This method of early detection is much faster and can lower the chances of patients having a heart attack.

“This will lower the chances of heart-related diseases, in the intermediate to long-term issues. If both Mike and Marty wouldn’t have done this test, they probably wouldn’t know that,” said Dr. Hoque, a cardiologist at IU Health Arnett.

Like most brothers, Mike and Marty enjoy friendly competition, but they never thought they would be fighting for their lives together.

Since the surgery, they enjoy going to rehab together. They are also encouraging everyone to get the new Coronary Calcium CT Scan.